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Advice for Travel Vloggers

As much as there are plenty, and I mean PLENTY of other travel vloggers with whom you’ll essentially be fighting it out for “market share,” that should not deter you. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube, although I cannot imagine any other platform on which you’d really want to vlog, getting started is as easy as picking up a device which has a digital camera embedded in it and then proceeding to upload the videos to a channel which you can create by mere virtue of having a Gmail account.

Although I prefer to remain a classic a blogger who WRITES about my travel experiences and pens advice about travel in general, I do indeed consume a lot of the media which is put out by travel vloggers. So the advice I have is from the point of view of someone who can be viewed as a potential viewer and subscriber to your YouTube channel which is about travelling.

Start now!

The best time to start vlogging is to start now. You do not have to wait for “one fine day” to begin. Just start documenting anywhere you are traveling. To make it interesting, try to visit a place around music festivals and cultural events. This way, you will have quality content for your blog. Not sure, where you would find the details of such festivals? Then, check out a site similar to Remember that covering popular festivals can give you an immediate boost in the number of views as well as subscribers.

The mantra should be to just get busy vlogging, even if you don’t quite think you have the selection of footage that matches the quality of some of the other vloggers you’ve likely viewed. Even if you shoot short, interesting, travel clips then you can consider uploading them on platforms like Newsflare ( upload) which could also help you become a more established vlogger in time. Start now, even if you haven’t been to any places you think would be interesting to document on film, which would also suggest that you don’t quite have any footage. You can speak about other aspects of travel as there are plenty of them!

Plan your travel well

One principle that a good vlogger generally lives by is planning their travels and trips well. This means looking out for new places to go, finding good reasons to go to those places, and expressing what the place can offer you. This adds substance to your vlogs. People are often drawn to attractive vacations, and that is what you can help your viewers with.

Your vlog should ideally come with a solid itinerary, which will lay the foundation for the content that you put up. One way you can do that is by getting in touch with locals you can talk to before you make bookings. It will help you list down the things that you as well as your viewers can try out. You should also learn how to improve short-term rental bookings, as well as those for homestays, hostels, and others. This gives you the chance to convey a plethora of options for accommodation, which you and your viewers can make the most of in the future.

Don’t wait until you have all the vlogger essentials

So in your resolution to channel ahead, resist the urge to want to wait until you have all the best vlogging gear. Why do you need to film in 4k in any case? Why do you need the latest vlogging camera which you want to attach to the latest Gimbal?

Remember that you’re vlogging about travelling as well as everything around that theme, so nobody really cares about cinematic quality in your videos. They want information which they can use, so get started as soon as you can. Once you have a bit of a following, you can then learn how to live-stream your videos so that your followers can access immediate content. Articles, like can be found at, can help with this if you’ve never done it before.

Use music wisely in your vlogs

My ultimate rule of thumb as far as music goes with vlogging is that you shouldn’t use any music at all. The reason behind this is that most vloggers choose to use music which they personally like, which can lead to the trap of using contemporary type music. That music annoys many people, particularly those with a discerning taste and those of the older generation.

Remember that it’s not about you, but rather about your audience, so you don’t want to lose out on a significant number of would-be subscribers and regular viewers who otherwise can’t stand watching your videos because of the music that annoys them.

Find a complementary theme

A very popular complementary theme among travel vloggers is making money online, certainly as far as the male travel vloggers go, while with female travel vloggers the complementary theme is usually something along the lines of the beauty or health industry, or fashion.

You do indeed need a complementary theme because you can very quickly run out of ideas for captivating content if it’s purely about travelling.

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