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Advice On Traveling To Cuba – Where To Go And How To Plan Your Holiday

Many people are interested in taking a trip to Travel Cuba. Traveling to Cuba is very common for many Americans interested in visiting the island nation. This island is no longer a military staging area but rather an island that are now free and open to visitors from all over the world. You can now visit without a tourist visa as long as you have an American passport. This makes traveling to Cuba very easy to do if you have the proper paperwork. You may want to speak to a luxury travel advisor if you want to know what to do and where to go for a great experience and have it booked ready for when it’s time. There are hidden gems in every country, so an expert can help you put it all together.

Before you travel to Cuba on your trip, you must go through the necessary paperwork. You must go through what is called the Department of State’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which will require you to provide proof that you are legally traveling to the country. This includes documenting when you will be leaving from your point of origin as well as where you will be staying. The documentation you need to provide is not very extensive but it will help you get through the red tape faster. Even though you must go through the process of getting your passport before traveling, you still might be surprised at how few tourists actually do this.

The best time to travel to Cuba for most tourists is from May through October. This is when the island is relatively quiet as opposed to the peak tourist season that is seen throughout the rest of the year. The best time to see the locals is at the end of October. The reason being is that this is the busy season and most Cubans do not go to the beaches during this time. The high tourism peak has already passed and there are fewer travelers so the demand for cheap vacation stays drops.

Your passport will be required when you are visiting Cuba, although you should not need it when you decide to stay. There are special hotels that cater to travelers that have a tourist card and they offer discounted rates for their lodging. These rates change regularly so you should check with the establishment. There are also hundreds of cheap hotels that are located all over the city and they are located just a short walk from the international airport.

The last piece of advice before you start planning your trip is that you should take care when you are applying for your visa. Many travelers find that they are denied for their visa applications simply because they did not follow the proper procedures when applying. If you are traveling alone, you will want to apply for a non-immigrant visa that allows you to remain in the country on a limited basis only. This is especially important if you are traveling independently and you want to be able to stay in your own home country for a period of time.

One last piece of advice when traveling to Cuba that you may not want to consider is that you should definitely book your flights in advance. The reason for this is that many of the flights that get into Havana are full and they cannot give people access to these flights. You can call the office of the United States Department of State to help you plan your route and to let you know when there are open flights from the closest airports to Cuba. You can also call the offices of the airlines that fly to Cuba to help you find out what times there are with their flights available.

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