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Affordable holidays in the UK

In recent years, rather than necessarily searching for a luxury experience, people are looking for an affordable holiday in the UK. This trend has built after people have had less money to spend after the 2008 recession, the chaos of Covid in the last few years, and the recent troubles people are having due to inflation. But just because you are looking for an affordable holiday in the UK, doesn’t mean you have to lose out on having a fun time.

Whether you end up looking at caravan holidays in Devon, or save money by staying at home and truly exploring your local area, there is something out there for everyone.


A relatively new trend, at the heart of the staycation movement is the idea that you can have a wonderful holiday vacation whilst staying in place. Whilst you may struggle to conceive that you could get the same sense of rest and relaxation by staying at home instead of jet setting off to some exotic location, it’s most definitely possible if you plan things properly. Plus, it gives you the benefit of staying in the comfort of your home and taking time to do the relaxing things you’ve been putting off. Now, whether that’s a private session with yourself and some of the best male sex toys you could get your hands on or it’s a hangout with friends, that’s entirely up to you. The point is to make the best use of your holiday time by doing the things at home that you always wanted to do but kept putting off because of responsibilities.

Make sure you get in the holiday mindset

A staycation is still a holiday, but it can be hard to detach from your daily life without the process of literally going somewhere different. So it is important to get into the holiday mindset, and make sure you aren’t worrying about everyday errands and household chores. Clear them from your mind by finishing all the jobs you need to do in advance of your affordable staycation.

Plan your affordable holiday schedule

When having a staycation, the idea is to explore your local area and treat it like any other holiday destination, looking at it with the same wonder you do an exotic beach or famous city, whilst on a budget. There are many ways you can do this.

Get outdoors by visiting a local national park and enjoy walking through the landscape, gaining a different perspective on where you live.

Kick back and relax by visiting the spa. Refresh yourself with massages and trips to the sauna.

Cross items off your bucket list. Do that pottery class or a wine tasting session that you had forgotten about during the pandemic.

Caravan holiday at Woolacombe Bay

However, if you are looking for somewhere to go on holiday that isn’t your home, a caravan holiday at Woolacombe Bay is a great choice. By staying at the holiday park, you get a chance to explore the wonderful area of Woolacombe as well as the brilliant things the park itself has to offer.

Glorious scenery

Woolacombe bay is known for it’s uniquely attractive hillside location and the stunning views you can experience from the park as you look out onto the sea. You can get up close with these visual wonders, but walking directly to the beach from the resort.

Adventures for everyone in the family

Woolacombe has plenty to offer on its site as well. If you enjoy the water, Woolacombe has fun flumes that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Or for those without sea legs, there are adventure trails to explore by foot, on a Segway safari or by Zorb if you so desire.

Ways to relax

If you want some fun, but are less intrigued by exerting yourself physically; there are still plenty of ways to relax at woolacombe. If you are waiting for the next blockbuster with baited breath, there are fully-fledged Cinemas, equipped with the same current films as any highstreet cinema where you can enjoy the latest Hollywood hit. Or if warmth is more your idea of fun, there are well heated indoor pools you can slide into, as well as top quality spa facilities you can enjoy the use of.

Hopefully our guide to two types of affordable holidays in the UK have given you some ideas of how to spend your next period of time off work.

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