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Come to know the Vienna Woods located on the border of the metropolis with million inhabitants

Did you know that…Vienna is situated on the western edge of the so called Vienna Basin and it ranges along the gentle slopes of the Vienna Woods? Yes, Vienna has also its forest.

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Come to know the Vienna Woods. During autumn period you will be enchanted by the display of various colours and varied programme it offers to its visitors.

Biosphere Park

In 2005, UNESCO declared the Vienna Woods to a Biosphere Reserve. This is an award that is given to areas with a special cultural and natural significance and landscape.

Vienna as a global metropolis partially situated in the Biosphere Reserve is not only something special, but also unique anywhere in the world.

The Vienna Woods Biosphere Reserve stretches out to the western part and it covers an area of impressive 9 900 hectares, encompassing 7 urban districts – Hietzing, Penzing, Ottakring, Hernals, Währing, Döbling and Liesing.

The aim of this Biosphere Reserve is particularly wildlife conservation where living space and the plant and animal species require this protection, but simultaneously to development the region further through responsible management.

Vienna Woods for the tourists

The visitors can admire here more than 30 types of forests, 23 types of grasslands, 2,000 plant species, 150 bird species and many other endangered animals, e.g. the green lizard or Ural Owl. Take a walk through any of the various walking paths in the Vienna Woods with a professional guide and you will surely learn more.

Furthermore, 16 nature reserves and 4 natural parks constitute these unique natural landscapes – as do the countless meadows, pastures, fields and vineyards.

The Day of the Species, held annually in a different part of the biosphere park, shall be an especially exciting and informative programme for you. It is a day full of exploring various habitats within the park, offering a rich family programme and a colourful palette of regional culinary delicacies. Plan a trip for this day or any other day, as the activities for the nature lovers are organized here almost every day.

The Vienna Woods are also the right place for the ones who like to walk through typical vineyard locations. Pop into any of the cosy wine taverns, where you can taste young wine or into quiet secluded gardens inviting their visitors with quality meals and beverages and Viennese background music. By the way, Vienna is the only city to have vineyard operations within its city limits.

Ideal relax for the tourists

The Vienna Woods are an ideal local recreational area. The tourists and also the residents can easily reach it using Vienna´s public transport system, afterwards everybody can take on the rich network of the well-marked walking or hiking paths.

The true local mountains for the Viennese are the Leopoldsberg and the Kahlenberg. The „Stefaniewarte“ (look-out tower) is located on the Kahlenberg since 1887, offering beautiful panoramic views on Vienna itself and also on the Vienna Woods. On clear days, one can see as far as Schneeberg- and Raxmassiv – the last foothills of the Alps 70 km away. 

So called infopoints – information centres – are available to tourists, which one can find at heavily frequented points of the Biosphere Reserve. You will get a lot of information about the specific fauna and flora of this natural area and tips for relax or active way how to spend your leisure time during your stop. You should definitely try some of the local products from the region.

You can also participate in some of the activities aimed at landscape protection that is organized in this biosphere park and thus contribute to the protection of local valuable habitats. Find out more about their overview and schedule on their website.

Note: In view of the restrictions in connection with the „COVID-19“, please, check upon the current situation and eventual limitations for tourists directly on the websites of the city of Vienna.

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Walk through the Vienna Woods, join any of the currently ongoing volunteer brigades, admire the views from hills and spend a nice day in nature and still in Vienna.

Vienna offers also such opportunities for its inhabitants and visitors.

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