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Digital Marketing Simplified

Simply put, digital marketing covers the general term for marketing methods which are digital. Digital marketing comprises two distinct practices. The first is to produce digital content. Content production starts with creating content for a digital website which is in most cases static. With the second practice, content production begins with a digital campaign which is usually a live interaction where a customer interacts with a marketing platform. Not every business can grasp the concept of digital marketing but thankfully, there are plenty of industry professionals out there who can help. This Is LD, a full service marketing agency, is just one of the many agencies can that help a business flourish when it comes to digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Plan

An effective digital marketing plan consists of the following components.

Content Creation: The first component of digital marketing which is to create content in digital space, best approached through specialists such as Ignite Digital. Content production usually starts with an initial idea of what will be a digital destination or website, which in most cases is a static webpage that will serve as a digital landing page. Then you develop an idea of what content the website will require for the campaign. All this happens after you have developed an initial idea of what is required to be a digital destination. As for content production, the content creation is done digitally which is in digital space. At the end of content production, the content is produced, optimized, implemented and then there is the content on your website which is live and in a form of real time interaction with the customers.

Different components of a digital marketing plan are identified as shown below.

First – An analysis of the online destination that needs to be created. It has to be observed that online destinations typically start with a business objective, with the second component of the digital marketing plan – planning. This planning is done to identify how the content will be utilized for different marketing purposes and if needed, it will be mapped out in a table.

Entire organizations are dedicated to building stable digital marketing plans to help businesses, no matter the size, improve their online presence and build better customer relationships. These companies (like this marketing agency jacksonville fl) generally work around optimizing the digital content of their clients by using SEO (search engine optimization) and various other digital tools.

If we go back to the traditional marketing plan, the advertising departments of various companies identify content that will be shared with a larger targeted audience. From this marketing plan, they will create the list of people who will be receiving the marketing material. After creating the marketing list, they will figure out which content to share and based on that, they will create the advertisements which will be shared through a digital marketing platform.

The next component is to assign teams to perform the content creation. It is important to consider the business objectives of a company before assigning teams to create content. The marketing team then creates the content which serves the marketing objectives of the company. There is another activity which is targeted at measuring the outcomes of the content creation and figuring out the expected outcomes of the campaign. This is where the measurement of marketing outcomes comes in. As for content creation, it has to be noted that content creation is almost always a manual process. However, in the digital world, it is possible to create content faster. The other aspect that drives this step is the desire of the marketing department to avoid repetition.

During this digital marketing plan stage, all necessary digital content is created, but the digital marketing plan process may vary from company to company. So the actual content created and published for Lenovo would be different to that created and published for say a Coca-Cola, for instance.

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