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Essentials for traveling in Canada with children

Going to any country requires thorough planning. Planning entails packing essential items. In this article, we will focus on the essential items for your children on your way to Canada. Canada may not have what your child needs, hence the necessity of packing some items. Let us discuss some of the essential items your child will need before you set foot in Canada.

Baby clothes

This entry goes without saying. A factor to consider however is the weather patterns of Canada. The country experiences the four seasons (autumn, summer, winter, and spring). Before visiting the country, ensure you find out what season it is. For summers, you will need to pack some baby vests. Baby vests are light hence the child will not feel smothered by heavy clothes. On the other hand, baby rompers are suitable for winter since they are warm.


Shopping for diapers in Canada as a foreigner will be challenging since you will not know where the shops are. Before arriving in the country, ensure you have packed enough for 3-4 days. Presumably after the 3-4 days elapse, you will have found some baby stores in Canada near you.

Alternatively, you could order for diapers online if you are yet to find a store. In Canada, you can order for any product besides diapers via Walmart. After you have placed your order for the diapers, you can receive them from anywhere in the country.


Canada has the most extreme winter climates in the world. Temperatures can drop to as low as -27 degrees. Due to these extreme cold temperatures, your child is more likely to get frostbites. If you suspect your child is prone to developing frostbites, then it is best to pack some painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Disposable bags

Through no fault of their own, babies are messy. You will therefore need a place to keep some dirty diapers or dirty clothes. Once again, you will not be fully acquainted with the country within a few days. For example, you will not know where the nearby trash bins are in Canada. You will therefore need a disposable bag to act as a temporary bin as you look for a bin to discard the bag.

You may be tempted to throw your used baby items anyhow. Littering is frowned upon in any country since it makes the area look grotesque. For instance, littering in Canada attracts a fine of 6300 CAD. Also, your exposed litter may lead to the spread of diseases transmitted by flies.


It is advisable to travel light, but you’d want to take some linen to make the trip more comfortable for your baby. You can pack up some personalized baby bath towels, and blankies because those are items that will be needed and utilized most. Towels are practical and safe because shared linen can carry pathogens that your baby’s immune system is too weak to fight off. And blankets are great to keep the little one warm and help it sleep, whether it is while travelling, or stopping by.

Bottled milk

You may either opt for breast or formula milk. Remember, there has been controversy about public breastfeeding in Canada. Despite Canada making it legal for a mother to breastfeed in public, mothers have reportedly been harassed by the public for doing so. If you are a non-confrontational or non-controversial mother, then feeding your baby bottled milk becomes your sole option.

Your flight to Canada may be longer depending on the country you are leaving from. It may be hard for your baby to tolerate eight hours without eating. You also cannot alight from a moving plane to search for food, hence the need for the bottled milk.

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