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How Do You Build a Water Park?

The best way to build a water park depends on many factors, mainly how many guests you plan to serve throughout the year. That said, timing and seasonal considerations also matter because they will affect the number of water slides you can maintain and the product type. Not every slide and inflatable add-on work great for every time of year. So, that’s why we put together this brief article to show you how to build a water park and outline the basics you may have overlooked. 

Identify the types of customers you want to attract

The assumption is that water parks are only for kids and teenagers, but that’s not the case when you dive deeper into the water park industry. The best water park accessories you can buy are fun for the whole family, including adults, because you can include cabanas and lounges with certain products. But if you want to focus on the kids’ market, you have plenty of choices to go the more conservative route too. 

Scope of the project

Overall, size is the main factor because you may be able to use more space than you think. Having a large area is great, but with the suitable configurations from quality products, you can make the most out of the space you have on hand.

Is the project a new camping ground, or is it an entire amusement park with other rides? Are you building an amenity for a hotel resort, or maybe a concept that’s a little more unique? The possibilities are endless when you start deciding on the project’s scope, so always remember to narrow down what you need based on the type of business.

Time to construct

You can add commercial water slides to an existing campground or water park most of the time. It won’t take too much time to complete, especially if they are designed and installed by a water park company. Not only do water inflatables make for an easy project, but they also come with many of the same features you get from the usual types of water park slides. If you have to build a park from scratch, however, time to construct is something you should keep in mind, and that’s why pre-configured water parks are ideal.

Make an entrance

It’s easy to get swept away and focus on building the biggest and best rides possible, but you need to think about how things look from the outside too. You need to attract passers-by who know little about how great your rides are, so the more attractive your entrance is, the more people you’ll draw in. You need to be iconic, distinctive and recognisable, which you can do by playing around with colour and lighting and experimenting with different architectural styles. Your main audience will be children and families, so use bright, trendy colours to catch the eye. Architecturally, you could use kingdom-like gates, sky-high flagpoles, soaring arches or towering turrets to draw the eye upwards, giving a hint of the incredible heights your water rides reach. If you’re looking for a few flagpoles to line your entrance, simply search “flagpoles for sale near me” and choose the tallest poles you can find.

Choose a brand of products

Simply put, inflatable water parks are the most versatile and have the most features. Ideally, you’d want your water park to include attractions like swings, climbing obstacles, slides, corner sections, stand-alone pieces, trampolines, and blast bags. But it all starts with a suitable size core, which can be about 10 ft. or 20 ft. wide, depending on the particular product. They are also customizable with connectors and inflatable pathways if you want to keep the design on-brand.

Ultimately, if you follow those essential tips, you can open up a great attraction faster than you think.

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