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How to Find the Cheapest Flights

Travelling on somewhat of a full-time basis, like I do and like many of my readers aspire to, is often associated with the so-called digital nomad lifestyle. If you don’t already know, digital nomads are travellers who earn their living remotely, whether through running an internet business or by working remotely and as a result of that freedom from having to report to a physical workplace, they choose to travel.

Consequently, the allure of leading such a lifestyle presents the budding digital nomad with all sorts of prospects and offers, one of which is perhaps going through some course which teaches you how to make money online. What often gets referenced is that whole exercise of building a sales funnel through which you take prospects you ultimately want to make a series of sales to, but I’m not going to get into much detail about that because there is plenty of information available about that whole world, particularly about whether or not things work out in the manner they’re advertised.

What I am going to do though is borrow the concept of a “funnel” and bring it to one of the most important features of the lives of these digital nomads, which is the art of sniffing out great deals on flights. So it’s not so much a sales funnel, but more like a reverse sales funnel or a method through which you seek to find the cheapest flights by infiltrating the marketing psychology minds of the dealmakers of the aviation industry. Now, I’ll be talking about regular flights, but if you want to find the cheapest private jet charters of 2020, be sure to visit

Overview of the cheap flights search funnel

So the concept of a funnel works in a way that suggests the following of a trickle-down effect, where the biggest and best deals settle near the top of the funnel, while the smaller deals which make for the last resort are those which make it all the way through the funnel and settle right at the bottom. If you compare what is effectively this reverse sales funnel with sales funnels proper, it makes better sense for this to be referred to as a funnel than the actual sales funnels.

So basically as an overview of how it looks, at the top are the biggest deals which resemble the bigger debris, which implies that there aren’t too many of these available. At the very bottom are the regular deals which occur in abundance because pretty much everybody can access those deals as they are provided via the regular pricing. So at the top are those secret deals, special low-season deals, rebate deals, etc, while the ones which occur at the bottom resemble going straight to the airline’s site and booking a ticket directly with them.

The cheap flights search methodology

The key is to kick things off with Google’s Flight Search feature, which can be accessed from the main page by simply typing the airport codes into the search bar. You can easily Google the airport codes as well, or alternatively just type in the origin and the destination. So with the airport codes, if you were planning a flight from Phuket International Airport to O.R. Tambo International in South Africa for instance, you can type that in as is or using the airport codes HKT to JNB.

Google will do a lot of the rest of the work for you and quickly list possible international and/or domestic flights from different airlines, arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive. If you spot some really good deal via the calendar view then you can go ahead and book, but that will take you directly to the airlines themselves.

If you want to benefit from cheaper prices then zone-in on the indicative cheaper dates and then take your flight search to online flight scanning agencies such as Skyscanner, Budgetair, etc.

Some great deals can be amassed, but these platforms are naturally different to each other in terms of displaying all-inclusive fares or fares to which they haven’t added service fees which will be added upon booking confirmation and payment. It gets better though, because if you use regional flight scanning platforms which are just like these mentioned ones, like Momondo for flights across Asia or originating in Asia, then you can be in for some even cheaper deals.

Budget airlines obviously offer even cheaper flights, but that depends on how much baggage you have, while you should be sure to use Google’s Incognito Window to search for flights (or make sure you’re logged out and your cookies are cleared). This is because if you’re perceived to be brand new user then you get cheaper prices.