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How to make extra money as a student

University is about making new connections and experiences, in addition to getting a decent education. While there are many free activities at University, many things cost money, and you don’t want to miss out on them. Down below are some ways, but before we get into that, there are some avenues that a few go down to see if they can earn some extra money before they go, for instance, casino playing has become increasingly popular online, so looking at bingo cash reviews and others like it, can help students decide if they want to try it out first to see if it can bring them in some cash. It is important that they play responsibly, so monitoring is key. 

Student life isn’t inexpensive with tuition, housing, textbooks, and extracurricular activities, especially if you’re studying in a different country. 

You may find yourself needing additional cash due to considerable expenses. If you’re low on cash, here are five simple ways to make additional income as a student. 


Working as a tutor is a great way to combine your passions with a side income. Tutoring is an entirely flexible way of working that allows you to 

  • work in person or online, 
  • set your own time, 
  • and decide who you tutor. 

Thanks to the internet, an IT major in London can get paid to assist a high school student in Kentucky who has problems with programming. 

Parents of students having trouble with something or requiring extra support to stay on track are eager to pay for good tutoring. And they’re often prepared to pay more than your on-campus students. Consider placing advertising in places where parents congregate to inquire about tutoring opportunities like your 

  • local newspaper, 
  • churches, 
  • libraries, 
  • or message boards.

Freelance Writing 

Writing for a living is one of the best methods to earn money, especially if you’re a quick writer. There are several ways to get started writing for blogs as a freelancer. 

In addition to blogs, many businesses are searching for writers to assist with a variety of writing projects, ranging from general how-to content to technical writing to putting together brochures. 

Look for writing opportunities on sites like UpWork or Fiverr, where you can search for and apply for freelance work. You can also reach out to businesses to check whether they need writers. 

Proofreading is a typical career right now. You can proofread for blogs, websites, and authors practically and from any location.

Travel Apps

You’ve probably heard about taking surveys online and earning gift cards or cash. But, there are ‘free money apps’ where you can travel and earn some cash. You can get paid every time you decide to travel sustainably.

Delivery Drivers

Do you own a bicycle or any vehicle? Pair it up with your smartphone, and that’s all you’ll require to make more cash by delivery when you have free time. You can sign up for delivery-only services that continuously look for new drivers. 

Food delivery gives you the freedom to work when and when you like, delivering meals from restaurants to clients’ doorsteps. You can earn around £16 per hour. You can double your chances by contacting local restaurants and larger companies to check if delivery jobs are available.

Run Errands 

Consider running errands for those who need extra support if you got a vehicle or adequate public transportation. The assistance will be much appreciated by senior residents, new mothers, and even business owners! 

Check social media, message boards, and websites for job openings. Jobs in the gig economy are available in many locations. It includes,

  • driving, 
  • dog walking, 
  • and package delivery, 

These jobs pay well and generally have low entry requirements.

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