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How you can add luxury touches to your vacation with little costs

Booking a getaway can be great for taking a break from the stresses of daily life, however, if you are booking at peak times they can be very expensive, especially in more costly parts of the country. If you are in a position to book a luxury vacation with little thought of costs, that’s perfect, but many are not in that position. This is where making some subtle changes like booking a luxury serviced apartment as opposed to a hotel can save you a lot of money.

Here we have looked at some of the little touches you can add to a trip to add that luxury feel without adding a huge amount of cost.

Stay in a country that offers luxury at a fraction of the price

One of the biggest impacts on the overall price of the trip is the country or city that you are staying in. Naturally more expensive places like Copenhagen and London will command higher prices for luxury amenities. More affordable places like Poland give you more for your money; great if you are looking to keep costs down.

Stay in a luxury villa as opposed to an expensive hotel

Luxury villas have risen in popularity recently with more and more people looking for them as a means of getting luxury accommodation at a more fair price. They usually offer a lot of space, can accommodate entire groups of people, and contain added extras including fast Wi-Fi, high-quality beds, and fully equipped bathrooms. Moreover, some luxury villas go the extra mile by offering additional indulgences such as a relaxing hot tub, transforming the experience into a rejuvenating retreat. Not only that, they even take the help of local hot tub services to clean the hot tub and make it ready for every new guest. A hot tub spa nestled within the villa’s lavish ambience adds a touch of relaxation and luxury, making these accommodations even more enticing for those in search of a truly special getaway.

The other great thing about booking luxury villas is the wide variety of locations that they are present in. Hotels, whilst good, are often only found in the centre of larger cities and resort areas. Villas can be found on small islands, coastal spreads, and sometimes even the inner city, meaning they can be booked very close to any activities that you want to take part in. To give you an example, antiparos luxury villas and similar rental options in the Greek archipelago offer a luxury stay in the heart of the islands, while still remaining secluded. They also offer ease of access to the island’s sights, culture, and any activities that might be popular there.

Look out for thrifty ways to upgrade your flights

Flight upgrades can be difficult to find but they are not unheard of. Try to enquire about them when you arrive at the airport, even an upgrade from economy to economy plus can add a lot of different extras including entertainment systems, better seats, more legroom and even the option to be seated together.

Take part in free activities for your holiday

Free activities are great ways to spend time on holiday without increasing the cost. These can include solo activities like long walks and beach days or inclusive activities in a resort. These are also good as they can be done in a wide variety of different locations. As always, the weather makes a big difference and should be taken into consideration when you are deciding on the things to do.

Book a luxury serviced apartment and the rest will fall into place

The ideas listed above are all great individual ways to add extra touches to your holiday; however, if they are done together they can create a luxury feel for the whole trip. If you do pick one, make sure it is the luxury serviced apartment. This gives you a lot of added features like a sauna and luxury bath. If you have this, it adds luxury to the whole trip.

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