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Is it possible to move on a shoestring budget during the pandemic?

Are you someone who foresees a move in the near future? If you wish to move to a new place during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it goes without mentioning that you are on a tight budget. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the personal finances of people and hence they are left with very little funds to avail a costly move. If you have your heart set on moving then it is important to make sure that you are able to do so with your current finances, if not, you could be looking at an AAOA late rent notice from your landlord asking you to pay or move out, so be aware and live within your means. Do not move in the hopes that you will have a new job in a month or so.

While there are sites like that help you with taking better monetary decisions, you should still try to know ways in which you carry out a seamless move on a budget. Here are few tips that you can follow.

  • Donate and declutter

While you look forward to ways of saving money while moving, begin by asking yourself what are the things that you can eliminate from your life. There are certainly few things in your house that you don’t use and that you can part with. If you have too many shoes, you should think of donating few to people who need them. The best way of de-stressing during a move is by donating few items to people who need them.

  • Buy cheap packing materials

No, you can’t move without boxes, packaging material and packing tape and all these have to be bought on time for planning a hassle-free move. It is definitely simple to get free boxes while moving but this is not always possible. You can watch out for websites where you can get low-cost boxes. You may check out the local bargain groups on social media as these are the best places to start off.

  • Plan ahead of time

It is true when it is said that life has different plans for you when you’re making other plans. As long as avoiding stress is concerned related to moving, you have to be proactive and never reactive. One of the best ways of being budget-friendly is to plan ahead of time. If you’re someone who has the habit of taking decisions at the last minute, you should change your habit when it comes to moving.

  • Shop around

Just as you should shop around before booking a flower wall rental by Flower Girl Toronto, you should shop around before choosing a moving company. There are many movers in the market and all of them will give you different estimates. This is when you should compare and contrast the prices and other criteria of each of the shortlisted companies before deciding which should be the ideal one for you.

  • Don’t move during the peak season

Do you know the reason behind so many people trying to move during summer? This is the weather to wear light clothes and making sure you’re neither stepping on to puddles nor to ice. But if you have a fixed schedule or you’re trying to save money, you should move during the off season. The moving company will charge you less during an off-season.

Therefore, if you’re someone who wishes to add green walls to your new abode, you should first know the benefits of adding greenery to your house.

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