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Most Common Travel Mistakes

No frequent traveller can legitimately lay claim to having a perfect record of not having any mishaps or incidents occur on their travels, which would go down as some travel mistakes which they’ve made. As a result, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you make any of these mistakes listed below, which make up just a fraction of the many mistakes travellers of all kinds make very regularly. Our focus is on the common ones though and the aim is to help you protect yourself from ever having to learn the hard way of making them yourself for the first time or to help you with relocation/immigration services as we know this can be a tough and stressful situation for anybody in this predicament.

Miscalculating the validity period of your stay

In most cases the customs officials will be understanding of the mistakes travellers make with immigration around the miscalculation of the validity period of their stays, such as how you might accidently overstay by one day in a places such as Thailand, due to them counting the visa-free tourist stamp date from the date of arrival as opposed to over a period of 24 hours that has lapsed, for instance. The day you arrive counts as the first day, which has many tourists accidently booking their return tickets to depart a day later than the expiration of their entry visa or tourist stamp, so you should just make sure to do the necessary checks and make sure to count the days properly.

It can make for a very expensive mistake if it involves having to cancel flights and the likes.

Packing too light

As a traveller who spends most of my time backpacking There are some bare essentials you just need to make sure you have the full supply of, but these become apparent as you gain more experience, because what you identify as forming part of the essentials list becomes apparent from the basis of discovering that you really needed them during the trip.

Packing too much

Some travellers are on the other end of the spectrum, firmly believing that you can never pack too much. Hey, what I say though is that if it cannot fit into the backpack of someone who is going on a prolonged trip and they make it work, then it probably should be left behind and doesn’t need to come with you on your trip.

With the same breath I totally understand how someone who is going on a pure vacation doesn’t want to have to worry about something like doing their laundry to ensure a fresh supply of clean clothing. In which case you must just be prepared to pay extra baggage costs as getaways are notorious for having you come back with a whole lot more stuff than you went away with.

Mismanaging your budget

Be vigilant of the many ways through which you could fall victim to the many holiday destination scams, this as part of taking care not to mismanage your funds. In the heat of the moment it can become very easy to overspend, driven by the cunning of some holiday destination vendors who know that you’re on holiday and that your guard may very well be down. This is why it’s always better to pre-book the activities that you want to do while travelling, to ensure that you don’t get charged extra on the spot. Dubai desert safaris, Himalaya adventure activities, Tamarindo fishing charters, or any other location-specific activity that you’re interested in can all be pre-booked on reliable websites. Finding these and planning your trip in advance will help you prevent unnecessary expenses once you reach your travel destination.

Take care of your possessions as well.

Being too conservative

I’m not suggesting you lose all inhibitions and go completely wild, but being too conservative is indeed a common mistake travellers make. I’m talking about something like sticking to main tourist areas and not venturing a little further into those places where the locals spend their downtime.

Additionally, if you are someone who might want to try fun activities that are out of your comfort zone or something entirely new, you can also look for erotic spas or body-to-body massages. Thailand could be one of the most known locations to get unique sexual experiences or even try out services like bangkok escorts for a night full of hot adventures. However, look for these kinds of facilities only if you are comfortable venturing into them.

Also, don’t just rely on the tourist guides and Instagrammers to tell you about all the wonderful things to do and places to see at the destination. They tend to put up too much of a facade, which you should try and look past.


Remember that you are a guest in the destination country in the country you’re visiting, so don’t allow yourself to get angry over issues such as the locals not understanding you at times, whether it’s from the point of view of speaking a different language or just culturally.