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The Paddle Board Revolution

It might appear to be a little over the top referring to what’s going on with developments around the exploding popularity of paddle boards as a revolution, but that’s exactly what’s going on. Further inland you might even see kids on skateboards, propelling themselves along the solid surface with a broom or anything else they can their hands on – such is the explosion in the popularity of paddle boards.

What’s driving the revolution though?

The paddle board revolution is being driven by nothing more than how much fun they are, with options to rent or purchase outright aplenty as you make your way along any coastal town or along the beach proper.

However, taking a look at the best paddle board according to Tom, who is an enthusiast whose natural habitat has long since become paddle boards, what becomes clear is that as much fun as paddle boards offer, there are so many different types of them in existence that some of their existence is deeply rooted purely in functionality. We’re talking here about the likes of fishing paddle boards over something like those which you can rent by the hour for a bit of pre-sunset boarding to wind down a beautiful day at the beach.

While purpose-built, special paddle boards like fishing paddle boards are sparking their own little revolution in the leisure fishing industry, the likes of the inflatable variety of paddle boards are taking the leisure travel industry by storm. Even surfers find it easier to travel with paddle boards instead, since the inflatable variety of them can be folded away and even packed into carry-on luggage, putting a different spin on this kind of leisure travel since paddle boards are ordinarily much bigger than surfboards.

Surfers in any case prefer to rent their boards at the destination they’re heading, unless of course they do this sort of thing on a professional or more competitive level, in which case you’d likely have a very special bond with what is likely a very special surfboard tailored specifically for you in many ways.

To be fair though, since paddle boards make for a pretty significant investment in outdoor leisure gear, if you’re heading to a beachside destination you’re likely going to be able to find a range of them to rent from. It might even be as part of the beachside activity participation, as opposed to just renting one out and going out onto the water by yourself, or it may indeed even be one of those specialised fishing paddle boards you can rent as part of some fishing tours.

Either way, the SUP revolution is happening and you should at least give it a try once before knocking it for what may seem like a poor man’s surfing alternative.

It’s a lot more fun than you may think and it’s definitely not as easy as it looks either. Like many other beachside activity though, it’s best enjoyed with other fellow paddle boarders as your orientation thereof won’t take up too much of your time.

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