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The Smallest and Simplest Durban Travel Guide

Looking at the Indian Ocean and enjoying the cool breeze that makes its coast the best in the world, Durban is a city that provides you a beautiful tropical paradise. This culturally impactful and highly urbanized gem of a city is one of the reasons why most people fall in love with South Africa. Book cheap flights from Johannesburg to Durban and enjoy all this and much more.

The third-largest city in South Africa, Durban is laden with the trendiest bars, the most amazing restaurants and a nightlife envied by many cities on this continent. If you love colonial architecture and art deco delights, you should definitely visit the city to get the right vibes. This type of architecture is spread everywhere you can look and if you are looking for dozens of crazy Instagram pictures, this is the city where you should be. If you want something completely different, go to the KwaZulu or the Shaka Marine World to witness the best of wildlife, flora, fauna and marine life in the city.

The city is known mostly for its beaches. Even though it is a popular spot for beachgoers, you never really get too crowded, because of which even the most introverted people can come here and enjoy the sunset. The most popular spot here is The Golden Mile which is perfect for people for are interested in diving and snorkeling. You will find a lot of surfers in this part of the world, gliding along the beautiful and youthful waves of the Indian Ocean. But wait, there are whale watchers, kitesurfers and wreck divers as well. You never know what you could come across when walking at these beaches.

What tourists really love about Durban is that it offers a better racial and ethnic mix than most other places. Though over 50% of the residents have a Zulu heritage, there is a 20% Indian population as well. Both groups share a long history and heritage, which makes it one of the unique cities in South Africa. The food here is also a good reflection of this ethnic mix up. Their most popular dish is bunny chow, which is made up of a square loaf of white bread and spicy Indian curry filled in between. The delicious snack can be had with your favorite choice of beer.

If you like a variety of festivals and events, then Durban is the place to be. The Essence Festival at the end of September is a must-attend but there are plenty of more events related to fashion, culture and music that can keep you entertained around the year. Though Cape Town takes away all the attention from Durban, the truth is that Durban has a beautiful cultural history, a rich colonial past and a heritage of diversity and revolution that you can barely find in another city in the world. If you really want to have an unforgettable holiday this year, Durban is the place to be.

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