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What are the key differences between hotels and serviced accommodation?

When booking your accommodation for your family holidays it can be a challenge to figure out which type of place you want to stay in. Whilst many still go down the traditional hotel route many prefer to stay in boutique serviced accommodation. Here are some of the key differences between hotels and serviced accommodation to help you figure out which one to go for.

  1. Hotels offer segregated rooms

One feature which can be hit and miss in a hotel is the room locations. Whilst many like the increased privacy you get it can be a hassle going to the rooms of those you are staying with, particularly if you are on different floors. With serviced apartments you will all be under one roof, making it easy to socialise within the apartment.

  • Boutique serviced apartments come with more amenities

Whilst your serviced apartment may not come with a pool or restaurant, it will come with a kitchen. This could be perfect if you are on a longer stay and want to save some money by not eating out every night. On the flip side, you can also get the best of both worlds if your boutique serviced accommodation is located within walking distance of some fine restaurants.

  • Serviced apartments offer greater variety in accommodation

Beyond the simplistic amenity rating given to hotels from one star to five, it can be difficult to spot the differences in the rooms. Serviced apartments don’t give you that problem. The variety suits all different kinds of budgets and vacation types. Some brief research through online booking sites will illustrate the different amenities and features that may be on offer.

  • Boutique serviced apartments are cheaper if you are in a large group

One of the key final points of serviced apartments is the economies of scale that they allow for. If you are travelling in a large group in a hotel the price will often not change as you are booking it room by room. However, in a boutique serviced apartment the more people you are staying with the lower the price of the accommodation.

Find the best hotels and serviced apartments

Whilst boutique serviced apartments are an increasingly popular option there are benefits to both short and long term stays in hotels and more bespoke serviced accommodation. Whichever type you go for make sure your accommodation is well-reviewed online to avoid disappointment.

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