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What It’s like Flying Business Class

I’m not going to mention the specific airline by name, well simply because I reckon for the amount of money one pays to fly business class they don’t need any extra publicity without some kind of sponsorship deal! However, in putting this post together I did liaise and compare notes with fellow travellers who have also flown business class, albeit with different airlines, which is great because I was then able to get the general sense that they’re similar. Flying business class appears to let travellers in on an experience which is pretty much the same across the board.

So then, what exactly is it like flying business class?

Feeling like an intruder

So it was indeed my very first time flying business and in true backpacker style, I didn’t have any check-in luggage. I only had my backpack on my back and one of those Wenger man-bags (my laptop fits into my backpack, proper), this even though I knew that in addition to being allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage, you can generally carry more luggage in total if flying business. So I felt like I didn’t belong, although the cabin crew did their best to make me feel welcome.

People seemed to have power-dressed in their business suits and the likes and here I was, scruffy-looking with some stubble and a backpack…

Restaurant-grade food

The food was out of this world. I generally don’t ever eat at the finest of dining spots down on the earth, but it was nice to experience the feeling of being in something very close to a five-star restaurant. I mean we had canapés and everything, in addition to a menu made up of food items that were prepared by a gourmet chef, apparently. I can definitely believe that!

Communal “room” service

At any given time you can go from being in what appears to be a five-star restaurant setting to a bedroom in the business class cabin. In addition to that is what I can only refer to as communal room service, because you can press a button and ask for whatever it is you want, including snacks, water, an extra blanket, etc. It’s not all the way like that in economy class, I know for sure.

Plenty of leg-room (and a bed)

There is plenty or leg room and you don’t have to wake the person next to you up to go the toilet or ask them to get up, as is the case in the economy class cabins of the smaller aircrafts. The seat extends all the way out into a bed and it even has a massage feature!

Personalised in-flight entertainment

Even in those airlines where the economy class in-flight entertainment has plenty of options, it still doesn’t compare to what you get in business class. This is perhaps the only other time I actually watch the likes of TV series and movies, with the other time of course being when I’m back in my home country and recuperating from my latest trip.

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