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Why choose a serviced apartment over a hotel stay

Hotels and B&Bs have long been a favoured choice by travellers thanks to their ease and their competitive prices. However, there are a variety of reasons why you would choose a serviced apartment over a hotel, and here we have highlighted just a few of those reasons:

Serviced apartments give you more space

Many serviced apartments have up to double the space of a hotel room, allowing more room to breathe which is particularly handy for those travelling in large groups or as a family.

This extra space gives you room to sleep, relax, cook, eat, and play all in once space without feeling like you are squashed in and on top of everyone else! Serviced apartments offer a great alternative to hotels for those travelling in groups, as you can have privacy in your own rooms and then gather to socialise in the lounge or kitchen later on.

There is also more privacy within a serviced apartment, unlike in a hotel when the only private space you have is the bedroom you sleep in.

Serviced Apartments are cleaner

Serviced apartments provide a higher level of cleanliness compared to hotels, primarily because of their distinct design and guest-focused approach. Unlike hotel rooms that cater to a continuous flow of guests, serviced apartments typically have a lower occupancy rate, resulting in reduced foot traffic and less wear and tear on the space. This allows for more dedicated attention to cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, serviced apartments often offer personalized cleaning schedules based on guests’ preferences. This flexibility ensures that cleaning is carried out at convenient times, allowing for a more thorough and detailed cleaning experience.

Dedicated cleaning crews who offer commercial cleaning services in Mississauga, ON (or in other locations) are often employed by serviced apartment providers, ensuring that the staff is well-trained and focused solely on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness for each apartment.

The presence of fully equipped kitchens in serviced apartments is another advantage, as it reduces the need for shared dining spaces, minimizing potential exposure to germs. Guests can prepare their meals, maintaining greater control over their food preparation and hygiene.

These factors collectively contribute to a healthier and more hygienic environment, creating a reassuring experience for guests seeking a clean and comfortable home away from home.

Serviced apartments are more secure

In a hotel, anyone can get in and wander around. They can access communal areas without being noticed, whilst hotel key cards are relatively easy to copy, making those electronic locks next to useless. At the same time, room service will be in and out of your room every day replacing towels, which leaves your belongings vulnerable. Hotel staff are usually trustworthy, but someone could always follow them into your room and take whatever they want whilst they clean the bathroom.

An apartment, on the other hand, is far more private. You are the only person with access to your room, whilst the building usually requires a code or key to get in. Doors tend to be more secure as well, with lock cylinders keeping rooms strongly bolted, withstanding even the most skilled lockpicker. Serviced apartments often even come with security guards and a reception, meaning your belongings are safe and secure 24/7.

Serviced apartments are more like home

It’s pretty difficult to enjoy a lie when the breakfast buffet finishes at 10am or to wander around in your pyjamas in an upmarket hotel!

In a serviced apartment you can treat it like your home, taking your time to do what you like, cook what you like, and spend the day as you like. The added bonus is that you won’t need to worry about washing bedsheets or doing a deep clean with R-Zero Systems (, since the housekeeping would handle those tasks.

Serviced apartments are budget friendly

Serviced apartments don’t break the bank like you might think!

Similarly to a hotel, you can pay on a nightly basis. Or for longer stays you can pay in a block amount, but the benefit is that like a hotel all of the bills are included within your stay.

Everything is taken care of when staying in a serviced apartment, you just have to turn up and start enjoying yourself.

There are so many more benefits to serviced apartments. Next time you are looking to take a trip to a city like London or Bristol, why not consider booking a serviced apartment for your stay instead?

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