Confused Matthew

Why Many People Choose to Write Anonymously

Writing is a great way to share your message with a wide audience. The internet allows you to reach hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people within days. People are even able to make money off it, just take a look at websites like PhoenixFM to see how it is being done. While publicly sharing a piece of writing with such a large audience is exciting for some people, it’s terrifying for many. That’s why the latter choose to write anonymously and one can’t help but agree with them – here’s why.

Opportunity to Speak without Fear

You may not always have some good news or a piece of entertainment to share with people. Writing a piece of news or personal opinion isn’t always received well. If you are writing about someone powerful or sharing an unpopular opinion, many people will be offended, and chances are they will try to find you. 

When you know that none of your readers knows and they can’t find you, it will give you the courage to write anything without any fear. If you also plan to write anonymously, go to the platform of John Doe for bloggers. They have a strict policy about keeping the identity of their writers confidential no matter who asks. 

You are Not Accountable

No one will hold you responsible for something you write anonymously. There will be no inquiries from your friends and family and people with a difference of opinion. However, don’t let this loss of accountability get to your head and write baseless and rude articles. Good blogging platforms won’t publish anything that doesn’t have a foundation or spreads fake news. 

It Gives You a Different Life

You are likely to write things people around you won’t approve if you are thinking about keeping it a secret. When you write anonymously, you feel like your alter ego is writing. You can adopt a penname and create this whole new life for yourself. Whatever you share under that penname has nothing to do with your real life and it doesn’t affect it. No one in your school, office, or home will judge you even if they read that article because they wouldn’t know who wrote it. 

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