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Why Private Flying Can Be Good for You

One of the major differences between flying first class and flying in a private jet is this: With a commercial flight, it’s all about the airline, and with a private plane, it’s all about you.

Private jet hire offers a tailor-made solution to those seeking peaceful travel time or time-bound to reach a destination. It is an exclusive experience that allows luxury travellers to enjoy personal travel without the burden of the hefty membership fee or ownership costs. There are many other benefits to it as well. Take a look at them below:

Why Fly Privately?

For Hassle-free Travel

Even if you are a regular first-class flyer, you’ll see that private flying offers an entirely different form of treatment. You won’t be stalled at security screenings, won’t wait in lines, suffer the boarding process, or any other bureaucracy found in scheduled airline service.

Upon arrival, members of the private jet welcome you and attend to your baggage. Your travel itinerary will be sent to the pilot in advance, and all you have to do is display an ID or passport for getting aboard. Private travelling is relaxed, streamlined, and lets you focus on matters like finding the best nightlife spots, visiting the beaches, or locating the best photo ops. 

It’s More Than First Class

The first class is a term that typically refers to a commercial flight where you receive the best seating and service, but only on that plane. A private jet hire beats the best by offering luxury seats and higher flexibility in seating arrangements. You’ll be pampered with top quality flight services that custom caters to your requirement. Plus, you always get the added advantage of privacy, which is non-existent in commercial airlines. 

Land Closer to Your Destination

Opting for private jets affords you the ultimate freedom in travel, allowing you to soar to your desired destination at a time and date that suits you best. This heightened control over your travel plans opens up access to a plethora of airports worldwide, including smaller ones that may be closer to your ultimate destination. Picture landing at airports far from the usual commercial hubs, providing the opportunity to explore exotic locales such as the captivating Key West in the Florida Keys. With the flexibility and convenience of private jet travel, you can seamlessly incorporate unique experiences into your vacation, from discovering the vibrant local culture to enjoying the lively Nightlife in Key West Florida. With private jets, your journey becomes not just a means of transportation but a curated adventure tailored to your preferences.

Not many commercial airlines offer this flexibility, and even the nearest route may have you spend the day on the road. So, if you are eager to make your travel non-stop, avoid lengthy layovers and unwanted road trips, then private flying makes for the right choice. 

Choose the Cuisine You Crave

Be it a kung pao chicken, a haute cuisine with Champagne, or something favourite from a takeaway spot, you decide the menu onboard a private jet. Experience the next level of sophistication when jet employees customize the menu, down to the tea brand you prefer. It is a hard-to-find luxury, even in the best class of a commercial airline. 

Choose Your Aircraft

Do you prefer a classically styled aircraft interior or something modern? What is your desired seating capacity? These are some questions that are not considered by a typical commercial airplane. However, with a private jet, you get to pick your aircraft along with preferred interiors.

How to Create a Corporate Travel Policy

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A private jet hire is, by far, a superior option compared to flying commercial. It gives you several bonuses in the form of maximum freedom of choice, generous allowances on almost every flying aspect, and makes for a time-saving solution for your travel. So, if you make are planning a trip in a private jet, it could be a good idea to look at websites of Jettly and similar companies that can offer affordable charter options. Moreover, many frequent flyers often recommend choosing charter service providers (like the one mentioned above) because of the reliable customer services provided by them.  

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