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3 Great Holiday Ideas for an Autumn Break

The Autumn holiday season is a stark contrast to the usual summertime getaways most people go for in the UK. Autumn shows the UK’s natural beauty in a whole new light, and it opens up a whole new host of possibilities for vacationers.

Let’s go over our top 3 holiday ideas you should check out this Autumn.

Check Out the Local Craft Brews

The UK’s craft brew scene is home to some of the best-tasting ales and lagers available. Also, many of them are seasonal. So, you can only really get a hold of many of them fresh during the Autumn season.

Our local craft breweries use seasonal fruits, spices, and various other additions to add unique flavor profiles and other characteristics that any brew enthusiast will absolutely treasure.

You don’t have to go anywhere fancy to try the best ones, either. While you’re on holiday, plan a couple of nights to tour the pubs around your destination. Bristol, Cornwall, and various other places are packed with pubs, and they’re all going to have the best seasonal craft brews available.

This may not be something you’ll want to base your entire holiday around, but it’s a great way to supplement the rest of your plans and wind down.

Book a Stay at the Woolacombe Holiday Parks

There are several holiday parks around the Devon area; namely, Woolacombe has four that you can choose from with drastically different themes.

These parks are great for ensuring you enjoy an all-around impressive holiday regardless of the time of year. You can book a stay during the early parts of Spring, or you can wait for a peaceful Autumn holiday, and you can guarantee your experience will be one of a kind.

Don’t spend all your time at the park, though. Most of the UK’s holiday parks are near prime nature attractions, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t check them out in Autumn.

Book a Stay in Bristol

If you’re looking for a solo retreat or a couple’s getaway, there are few things better than booking a serviced accommodation in Bristol. Bristol is home to some of the most luxurious, yet reasonably priced, serviced accommodations around, and most of them are located right next to the establishments that make Bristol so popular.

To name a few recommendations for your Bristol stay, let’s start with the harbor. The harbor is what Bristol was built around, and while it’s not the sole economic powerhouse it used to be, it has had considerable changes made. The old warehouses have been converted into restaurants, pubs, and shops, there are guided tours along the piers, and there’s always something new to see or try when you visit it.

The pub scene is also top-notch in Bristol, and you’ll likely have many options within walking distance of your serviced accommodation.

Finally, you can’t stay in Bristol without visiting multiple historical landmarks. Namely, Cabbott Tower and the Clifton suspension bridge are awe-inspiring spots you’ll never forget.

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