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5 Advantages of Booking Serviced Accommodation when Traveling Abroad

So, you’re all packed up, and you’re flying off to a place halfway across the globe to gain a bit of perspective and enjoy your life. What are you going to call home while you’re there? Where will you kick back and relax after hours of walking city streets and stopping at every attraction you see? Where will you lay your head to recharge before another big day of adventure?

Well, you can get a hotel. Plenty of people do that, right? You don’t need to, though. You’re missing out if you do. Instead, consider booking serviced accommodation.

A serviced accommodation has many different advantages that will make your stay worthwhile, but we’ll just cover the five most notable advantages for now.

A Luxurious Experience

A serviced accommodation isn’t just a place to lay your head at the end of the day. It’s a luxurious experience that might even beat the atmosphere of your house.

Serviced accommodations are designed from the ground up to give you a sense of class, comfort, and high-standard living. Most of the time, the furnishings are of the highest quality. Additionally, interiors are designed by professional designers like Helen Coulston or the ones like her that will most probably blow your mind. This is because luxurious apartments are targeted at vacationing families and getting the interiors perfected is necessary for the appeal. Overall, you’ll feel like you’re at a luxury retreat; not an apartment complex.

Living Space

Have you ever rented a hotel? If not, here’s how the cramped space makes even a simple meal work. You use the tiny counter to prepare a cheap microwave dinner, heat it in a microwave, which is your only appliance, and then sit on top of your bed hoping not to spill any of it as you watch the local TV channels on a tiny screen 3-feet away. Simply put, your kitchen, living room, and bedroom are often jammed into a tiny square.

A serviced accommodation provides you with the ample space of an apartment. Each bedroom is fully private, the living room is its own room and the kitchen is spacious and fully furnished with functioning appliances (especially after the owners have conducted a dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven repair before your arrival). What’s more, you will even have a bathroom that you won’t need to squeeze in and out of – what’s not to like?

Serviced apartment owners often take the help of good bathroom design companies that can integrate luxurious touches to the bathroom in order to enhance the stay of guests. These companies can incorporate exquisite fixtures like designer taps, showers, luxury bathroom tiles and imported sinks that elevate the bathroom experience. Having a well-designed and luxurious bathroom in your serviced accommodation adds a touch of elegance and comfort to your temporary home, ensuring that you can unwind and rejuvenate in style throughout your stay.


If you lease an apartment, you typically don’t get a maid service or all your furnishings provided. With serviced accommodation, you do. Usually, maid services are an optional add-on, but they are available. Other things, such as your furniture, trash bags, silverware and plates, sheets, towels, and everything else are provided by the owner.

This makes a serviced accommodation much more suitable for people who only need an apartment for a few months to a year while they wait for a home, and it makes life easier for those traveling abroad since they get all the functionality of a hotel with the size of an apartment.

Private Living

Sure, walls are shielding you from the prying eyes of other hotel guests, but you can still hear everything the people next to you are doing. A serviced accommodation prevents that. Not only are rooms larger and provide ample space to distance yourself from annoying neighbors, but they’re properly soundproofed.

Short or Long Stays

Finally, you’re not limited to short, week-long stays with a serviced accommodation. You can book one for a simple weekend getaway, or you can book one for as long as a year. This means they’re the perfect option if you’re waiting to buy a house and don’t want to lease an apartment, are traveling long-term for business, or just want to take your partner somewhere new for a few days.

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