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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Canada

Other than being the 2nd largest country in the world, Canada is also a famous tourist destination that boasts of many attractions e.g., wondrous national parks, amazing history, etc. When you plan to visit Canada, it is worth familiarizing yourself with several things. You can’t just wake up from your dream and decide how I’m going to tour Canada – if you do, don’t blame anybody. As we said, Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world after Russia. This alone should tell you what to expect when you tour such a vast state. You can easily get lost or miss the better part of the state just because you ignored a few key things. This post is for you if you don’t want to wish you knew something after your flight to Canada.

Below are some key things that every travel enthusiast should know when deciding to visit Canada – don’t go if you don’t know the following

1. The Applicable Laws in Canada

One of the things you will wish you knew before visiting Canada is the applicable law in the state. Different states have different directions. What’s right in your country could be wrong in Canada. It is worth learning the law of the state before you can plan a visit as this will spare you a lot. If you don’t understand the law, you may end up breaking it, thus entering into the danger zone. What you thought was a fantastic trip could end in premium tears. Generally, when visiting Canada, try to find out whether there are visa requirements (for residents from your state), what the law says regarding drug trafficking, etc.

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2. Attractions In Canada

If you have never been to Canada before, you need to do some prior research and prepare a to-do list before you can embark on your travel. Be informed that you can’t explore all that the city has to offer with a few weeks or even months – you’d need years to explore the country fully. That’s why travel experts advise preparing a list of essential activities that you will take part in when you finally land in Canada. Decide what you want to prioritise when it comes to visiting different locations. Do you want to visit Whistler? Then look to companies like whistler adventures for bookings so you don’t miss out on all Whistler has to offer. Do you want to spend a lot of time exploring Vancouver? Then dedicate the time prior to your trip planning your route. This should be the case, especially if you don’t have too much to stay.

3. Booking Accommodation on Time

If you don’t want to regret what you wish you knew, make sure you book your appointment while you still have time. There are very many people visiting Canada, especially amid these festive seasons, so it’s not a big wonder to miss a room! If you want to enjoy the best deals, then make sure you book your accommodation on time. Reasonable accommodation should be located as near as possible to the places you want to tour. This will save you significantly on transportation costs.

Also, check that the room you choose has basic amenities such as WiFi, adequate washrooms, spacious rooms, guaranteed security, reliable electricity, water system, etc. Note that you can book your accommodation from wherever you are – you don’t have to wait until you are in Canada to start hunting rooms. Doing so will be wasting your travel time. Search online for the best tourist accommodations in Canada (and closer to your areas of interest). Compare various deals and pick what you think is best for you.

4. Knowing When To Visit

There is nothing you will regret, like visiting Canada amid the wrong seasons. Travel experts advise you to do some research and know when the best time to see Canada is. You should do so if you are truly looking to get the best out of your travel.Just like other regions of the world, Canada also experiences four seasons. Still, unlike the rest of the world, the weather here varies wildly, with temperatures ranging between 40 C amid the summer and -40 C amid the winter. Make sure you are well outfitted for either season.If you will be visiting in winter, ensure you bring enough outerwear or buy them as you land in the country. If you are visiting amid summer, please bring some light clothing and sandals as you will need them amid daytime.

5. Official Language in Canada

Before you can embark on your trip to Canada, make sure you know the language spoken in the state. You will need to interact with locals, but how will that happen when you can’t comprehend their local dialect? You will realize that Canadian residents speak two common languages – these are English and French. In the current world, almost every person understands English – if you are one of them, your stay in Canada will be fantastic. If you like, you can as well learn the local language. For instance, teach yourself how to say Hi in their local language. It will create a different impression when you salute them that way.

6. Staying Safe In Canada

Canada is a peaceful state. You can enjoy traveling to the furthest corner and still feel secure. The locals are generally welcoming, and they receive visitors with warm smiles. In case you feel lost and need help, you can connect with the locals here, and they will readily assist you.To maximize your safety while on your trip to Canada, you are advised to be in the right place at the right time. For instance, stay indoors at night and explore during the day. Roaming around the streets at night can put your life at risk. Likewise, carry liquid money and not cash – you risk losing the money. Move around with everything you may need – for instance, your identification documents, ATM cards, Visa, Credit card, etc.

Final Thought

Canada is a huge state that offers more than we can afford to explore with a few months of visit. If we are planning to visit Canada and capture the best part of it, keep the above aspects in mind. You don’t want to bear regrets when you have already ended your trip. You want to have fantastic memories here – if this is your case, pay attention to whatever we’ve discussed here. You will, at some point look back and smile.

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