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Best Islands in Croatia

If your perfect holiday has to feature dreamy islands, you’ll find that Croatia is more than up to the task. The Dalmatian coast is vast and boasts hundreds of landmasses for the curious to explore.

Whether you crave a secluded spot nestled in a hidden bay or a lively island where festivities abound, Croatia offers a variety of options. To make the most of your island-hopping experience, consider looking for an All Inclusive Holidays package that covers top enchanting places. Some of these are listed below.

1) Hvar

A blend of Roman and Venetian architecture constitute the majority of the landscape in Hvar, which retains an endearing pristine outlook. Beautiful vegetation and lovely beaches occupy the outskirts of an island that is also the location of UNESCO World Heritage accolades such as the mesmerizing plains of Stari Grad.

The Stari Grad itself offers many attractions including Jesla’s Tomić winery and a sheltered harbor with unencumbered views of a blue ocean. Milna’s Konoba Lambik, on the other hand, is the place to be for a proper homemade meal.

2) Dugi Otok

A name that will raise a few eyebrows on account of its limited stardom, Dugi Otok is every bit as magnificent a Croatian island as any. It’s rather humble in size, with widths and lengths of 4 and 45 km only, however, it’s a case of quality over quantity. Telašćica Nature Park stands as one its prized possessions ensuring an abundance of cliff-edge sceneries overlooking a quiet Adriatic.

Another notable highlight of Dugi Otok is the white-laden beach of Saharun and the charming fishing villages of Bozava and Sali.

3) Brač

The awe of Zlatni Rat beach is what resonates most with Brač, but it is an island with many adventures beyond spending days basking in a lazy sun. Bol town therein offers a thrilling challenge for windsurfing, and it is the go-to in the entire nation for a taste of excellent surfing.

Within the hilly interior, Kaštil Gospodnetić in Dol offers you a taste of lamb delicacies courtesy of the brimming sheep-keeping culture in the area.

4) Korčula

A Gothic-Renaissance cathedral staring out majestically into azure backdrops and a well-preserved peninsula surrounded by medieval walls is the setting for the gorgeous town of Korčula on the similarly named island.

You get to walk the same grounds where the legendary Marco Polo is said to have been born and witness shimmering waterfronts crashing into whitewashed shorelines. Toreta Winery in Smokvica offers you a taste of the rich wine culture in the area while culinary delights are well taken care of at Konoba Mate and Konoba Maha.

5) ipan

This islet ensures a generosity in peace and tranquility thanks to a population well below five hundred people. Limestone villas and cottages ring out through the landscape, providing beautiful residence to go with lush greenery, fresh air, navy backdrops, and a sun-soaked coastline.

ipan mixes the best of two worlds serving up island escapism and urban culture into one delightful package. Holidaying aside, if you are also on the hunt for a house that’s for sale in Croatia, these five islands are excellent places to set up camp. Other idyllic locations around the country to visit or start a family also include Vis, Rab, Mljet, and the Kornati islands.

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