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Best South East spots to buy an affordable home

If you’re a first time buyer and you’re looking to buy a home that isn’t only going to accommodate for your future but also be a great investment in terms of your finances then look no further than the SOuth East of England. Home to the gleaming capital as well as some Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the South East is a wonderful place to call home. From Shared Ownership Hove to East London this region is not only a holiday maker’s dream but also the perfect place to settle down and and really enjoy a sense of home. It may be worth looking at the work Marandi has accomplished within the area too!

Brighton and Hove

If you want nothing more than white sandy beaches to wake up to, Victorian Terraces to gaze at and the call of Seagulls to beckon you in the morning, then Brighton and Hove is idyllic. Situated on the South East coast this town is full of open minded,creative individuals, with a number of youtubers moving here including Pewdie Pie and Zoella. With yoga on the beach every morning and festivals throughout the summer, life at this seaside residence is a walk in the park with a little more excitement. And with Shared Ownership in Brighton showcasing the beautiful Victorian terraces at Preston Road, just minutes from the train station and a short trip to the beach, there’s a lot to love about this South East area.


If you want to be able to leave your house in the morning and be welcomed by rolling foothills and quaint villages, decorated in cottages and farmers markets then Surrey should be at the top of your list. Shared Ownership Surrey is a great opportunity to take advantage of an investment in this South London Suburb on the brink of the Kent Downs and just 20 minutes form the centre of London. While it’s a great destination if you want to commute to the city for work and leisure you can still come home to the calm and serene setting of countryside living. And with its own buzzing little town of Guildford home to many students at the nearby university and the friendly community of locals, Surrey is a South East sensation with all the trimmings.

Tower Hamlets

If you’re a city slicker that wants a piece of action right in the centre of London then Tower Hamlets is the perfect spot. Located in the central London region home to the Tower of London and the famous London Bridge to say this is a historical area would be for sure, an understatement. This area puts you at the very centre of London living sandwiched between the leafy area of Bow and it’s quiet canals, the booming financial district of Canary Wharf and the fashionable district of Shoreditch. With excellent educational establishments, a vast range of hipster style bars and quirky eateries as well as unbeatable transport connections, Shared Ownership Tower Hamlets is a top investment as well as an exciting place to settle down.

Hackney Wick

A place bubbling over with creative style, imaginative youngsters and a whole community of artists and entrepreneurs, Hackney Wick is a unique place to call home. The birthplace of cultural revolutions and social movements, there’s something inspiring about this London District, home to many musicians and forward thinking icons as well as a great deal of flamboyant bars, restaurants and cafes. Shared Ownership Hackney Wick promises living with a bit more spice and a lot more fun.

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