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Examples of When Online Casino UK Firms Were Issued Fines

The main purpose of the Gambling Commission is to protect players that use casinos, lotteries, arcades and other types of betting services in the UK. In addition to this, it is their main aim to make gambling and betting as safe as possible for online casino UK players. The Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating; casinos, lottery managers, arcades, bingo operators, businesses that supply gaming machines, betting companies, lottery operators, and remote gambling operators. So, if anyone is planning on starting up their own casino or looking into platforms that administer payperhead software to become a bookie, they have to abide by the rules set out by the Gambling Commission to carry on providing their service.

The Gambling Commission regulates the remote gambling operators that provide services through phone and online operations. All of which are for an audience in Britain. To gain a more reliable understanding of what the Gambling Commission does, it’s certainly beneficial to know the main aims and goals. According to the Gambling Commission, their purpose is to guarantee that gambling is fair and transparent. Also, they strive to keep crime out of gambling and protect vulnerable people including children from gambling-related harm.

The Gambling Commission takes action whenever they find individuals and operators that fail to follow the specific rules and regulations. When the Gambling Commission discovers failings, they do not hesitate to use their powers as a regulator. Unfortunately, the powers are limited to within Britain. This means that the Gambling Commission is unable to regulate all of the gambling websites that you could find online.

The Gambling Commission is only allowed to regulate online casinos that operate or advertise to gamers in Britain. Every online casino that operates within Great Britain must have a license from the Gambling Commission. Online gambling companies must have a gaming license awarded by the Gambling Commission in order to provide legal gambling services to consumers in Britain.

How are The Gambling Commission Protecting Online Casino UK Players?

The gambling commission makes gambling safer for consumers in Great Britain in a number of different ways. For example, they introduce rules and regulations on how gambling companies can advertise their products and services. Any gambling operators that are caught breaching the strict consumer laws will face suspensions, fines and settlements. In an attempt to prevent young underage gambling in Great Britain, the Gambling Commission have been introducing more effective age and identification checks. This is proving to be an effective way of keeping young people safe from the harms associated with gambling.

Furthermore, all gambling businesses in Great Britain must sign up for the GAMSTOP scheme. This is the official self-exclusion scheme that gives consumers the option to exclude themselves from all online gambling activities within Great Britain. Players that opt-in will be unable to access gambling services in Great Britain for a minimum of six months. Players at Casimboo’s online casino website can benefit from high user protection standards.

During the lockdown, the Gambling Commission introduced firm measures with the intention of protecting consumers. For example, consumers that show signs of gambling harm will not receive any gambling advertisements through the Covid-19 lockdowns. In addition to this, preventing reverse withdrawals is another way that the Gambling Commission has protected consumers during the nationwide lockdowns. The national strategy to reduce gambling harms is a new three-year strategy. The aim is to make the process to reduce gambling harms much faster and better. This is another way of protecting online casino UK players across England, Scotland and Wales.

Previous Fines Issued By The Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission have the power to conduct inspections of operators with a UK Gambling Commission license. Within a review, the Gambling Commission will monitor their financial activities to ensure that everything is how it should be. If anything comes to the attention of the Gambling Commission, they hold the power to highlight certain changes or corrections that need to be made. The Gambling Commission will take action when a gambling operator isn’t working in the correct manner or behaving how it’s supposed to. Maybe, it will only be a case of issuing a warning. In some cases, operators have their license removed. This can be for many reasons including unsatisfactory working practices and misleading advertisements. Here are some examples of when online casino UK firms received severe fines.

The hugely popular William Hill had to pay a severe fine of 6.2 million in 2018. This is the result of a sequence of regular failures to meet the licensing and advertising requirements. William Hill failed to keep vulnerable players protected. Also during 2018, the Gambling Commission issued the popular LeoVegas Casino a fine of 600,000. This is because of many failures to comply with the self-exclusion requirements. In addition to this, some of the LeoVegas advertisements were misleading. 

Online Casino UK Firms Recieve Millions in Fines

Another example of a fine given to an online casino UK firm is when 32Red received a fine of 2 million. This is because one player deposited a total of 758,000 over a period of over two years at 32Red Casino. In this case, 32Red failed to carry out sufficient background checks on this player. This is completely unacceptable especially when you consider how popular 32Red Casino is. With a net income of around 2000 per month, this particular customer was gambling with way more than he could afford to lose.

The Know Your Customer process is what provides online casinos with the information that they need about a particular player. Although it may be an inconvenience for players that want to play instantly, it’s a process that stops future instances like this. In recent years, the Gambling Commission has cracked down on gambling companies that are operating in an unsafe manner.

By becoming increasingly tough on enforcement and compliance, the gambling commission is making gambling in Great Britain much safer. Unfortunately for the operators who are failing to comply with the licensing and advertising requirements, the Gambling Commission is issuing severe fines. Before you sign up at an online casino, we encourage you to check that there is a license from the Gambling Commission. To tell if a particular site has a license, simply look is on the Gambling Commission’s Licence Register. This is where you can view the license and see what kind of activities are available.

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