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How To Buy American Products That Don’t Ship To The UK

Everyone has been in the situation where they’ve struggled to find that perfect gift or product. You’ve checked all your local stores and even some trusted online retailers, but you just aren’t getting any luck. But then you find it on sale at Old Navy. It’s exactly the pair of jeans you’re looking for and you’re ready to order… “not available in your region“.

Seeing those words can be absolutely heartbreaking, but the good news is it’s not the end of the world. With package forwarding and the idea of global payment systems, you have the ability to buy all of your favourite products and brands, even if they don’t ship to the UK or your designated country. So, without further ado, here is what you need to know.

What is package forwarding?

Package forwarding is a shipping service that allows for cross border shopping. It has become an increasingly popular option as more and more people get involved with online shopping and ecommerce but discover the limitations.

Whether it’s due to regulations, shipping policy of big brands or simply the fact that smaller ecommerce stores don’t have enough capacity, many shoppers find themselves in a position where they are unable to buy from an international store. This is the beauty of package forwarding companies as it allows them to circumvent these problems. Here’s how.

How does it work?

One of the problems that many shoppers encounter is the fact that many US based companies require a US address. International shoppers may feel out of luck but that’s when you bring in a package forwarding service.

Step 1) The first step involves signing up with the service and typically getting a forwarding address based in the US.

Step 2) You can then order your shopping directly to the forwarding address (depending on the company you may even be able to shop directly through them). The company will give you an individual tracking number.

Step 3) The package then needs to be prepared for overseas shipping. This involves ensuring that the package can be safely and legally shipped to you.

Step 4) The package will then be shipped and soon be at your door.

Is package forwarding safe?

When dealing with mediators on the internet, it’s always important to be vigilant. The more hands your package needs to go through, the greater the risk of loss or even theft.That’s why it’s so important that you go with a reputable shipping company. Most of the horror stories that exist on the internet come from situations where a buyer used an online shipper who did not have a great track record but was simply offering an attractive price.

Here are some tips to ensure you pick a reputable company:

●               Go with a large company

●               Always check that the company has had reviews (particularly positive ones)

●               Check for signs of fraud such as shady payment methods

●               Use Paypal as it’s easier to reclaim defrauded money

●               Can you reach a real person

●               Check their rating on the Better Business Bureau

●               Is their website secure

The best package forwarding companies

Here are some of the best package forwarding companies that we’ve found:


MyUS are one of the best options available. They allow you to access thousands of great stores and brands directly through their platform bringing convenience and savings. They also partner with many delivery companies like DHL and UPS allowing for fast delivery in as little to 2-4 days. They also offer a wide range of payment options like paypal and debit/credit cards while also bringing the price down by allowing you to avoid sales tax. Their customer service is excellent and they also offer consolidating services so that you can get all you orders delivered at once.


UsGoBuy is a trusted package forwarder and is a great choice. They provide you with a US mailing address, and can ship to over 200 countries as they are one of the largest companies in the industry. They offer many ways to pay, from Paypal, to your debit and credit cards while also offering free Membership, free US Address, 90 days of storage and consolidating services.


NYBox is another good choice. They provide you with two US forwarding addresses, one in New York and the other in tax-free Delaware. They also provide plenty of flexibility in terms of delivery options. Similarly to the other two options, NYBox offers plenty of payment options as well as package consolidation and top notch customer service. They will also offer up to 30 days of free storage.


If your favourite online retailer won’t deliver to the UK, there’s no need to worry. With package forwarding, you can buy products from all over the globe, regardless of whether they can personally ship to you or not. And with the ability to tap into all of these US-only ecommerce sites, you can score voucher codes and cash back deals like never before. For total peace of mind, remember to always choose the most reputable companies and ignore the cheap options… you don’t want a nasty surprise.

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