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Is a Disney Trip in Your Family’s Future?

Does your family get to travel often? If so, does Disney factor into those plans?

For many families and individuals for that matter, the Disney brand is high up on their lists of things to do and see.

So, if Disney is in your family’s plans anytime soon, where will your planning begin?

Do Some Research to Plan the Perfect Trip

If Disney is in the near future for your family, follow some pointers to make it the time of your lives.

These include:

1. Do your homework – Like you expect your children to do their homework, the same goes for you in planning trips. This means going online and doing some hardcore Disney research. One of the ways to go about this is by looking for a top Disney blog. The right blog will give you tons of worthwhile info on the Disney brand and all it has to offer. From the best entertainment at both Disney and Disneyland to when it is best to visit and more, learn all you can. You want your family’s Disney experience to be one you will be talking about for years for all the right reasons.

2. Best time of year to go – You will need to decide what time of the year is best suited for your family to visit a Disney park. Assuming your children are in school, chances are you will want to wait for a break to go on your trip. For many families, this means waiting until summer recess to get away. By not having to take your children out of school, you do not have to worry about them getting behind in their studies. If you want to go over the holidays, check with your child’s school ahead of time to see when such breaks will occur. In case summer is the chosen month for this much anticipated trip, make sure to factor in things like what to wear to Disney World, and how to keep everyone hydrated throughout, as it is going to be one of the hottest months.

3. What to do once there – Once your family arrives at a Disney park, what do you think you will do? Given all the options available to you, it should not come as a surprise that you will have a full day or days ahead of you. Rides, entertainment, characters in costume and more will be waiting for your family. Try and map out some sort of schedule. This will keep everyone in your group on time and in line.

4. Sticking to schedules – If you have a little one or ones in your family, you want to keep them on schedule as much as you can. That said try and make sure you do not deviate much if at all from their norms. For example, a young one tends to have a nap schedule. If he or she gets off that schedule to a large degree, it can make for an unhappy child. If you will be touring the park or parks during your trip, try and work in a nap or two for your little one or ones. The same goes with their eating schedules. By making your trip as normal as possible everyday schedules, things can go smoother.

From the best travel advice to having fun once you arrive, make sure a Disney trip is the best it can be.

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