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Night market in Bangkok

Are you planning to travel to Thailand? Don’t miss the famous capital city –Bangkok. When we talk about Bangkok, almost everyone will be associated with the night market culture. We often say that the experience of a country ’s culture starts with eating. From authentic local street food, fresh-cut fruit to seafood lobster platter. Night market can attract people’s relish no matter where they come from. Night markets are all over the streets and alleys of Bangkok, and each night market has their characteristics. So don’t miss the special night market in Bangkok.

  • Ratchada Night Train Market

The Ratchada Train Night Market is a night market that I highly recommend to the tourist who first time visit Bangkok. The location is located next to the “Exit No. 3 of the Thai Cultural Center MRT Station of the MRT Subway” which is convenient. You can get there by subway! The night market is a large scale market which includes: Gourmet snacks, clothing bags, cultural and creative items etc. All the stalls are divided according to their features, so go shopping! On the rear section has an outdoor bar, which is a nice place to drink and indulge in the atmosphere. Also, a variety of must-eat gourmet snacks, seafood platter, pork ribs mountain, skewers, fried chicken, hand-pulled seafood, and the famous online influencer – fruit lady are selling her fruit smoothies in this night market. The business hours are Monday to Sunday, 17:00 to 01:00.

  • Asiatique Night Market

Asiatique Riverside Pier Night Market is located beside the Chao Phraya River. It is quite comfortable to walk around where a ferris wheel is beside the river. A romantic atmosphere pervades. There are many choices to buy souvenirs such as various Thai snacks (little boss seaweed, POCKY etc.), biscuits, most of which can be bought. Many delicious foods can be enjoyed while you walk around the market such as BKK ORIGINAL Bangkok bag, MK hot pot, etc. However, after all, it is a tourist night market, and the price will be higher than that of other urban night markets. The overall environment is considered to be a good plan. Also, due to its gorgeous view, it is a nice place for the celebration of the New Year. The business hours are Monday to Sunday, from 16:00 to 00:00.

  • Runway 3119 Night Market

The “Runway 3119 Runway Night Market” located beside Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi New Airport. It is a theme night market with all kinds of retired aircraft. The night market that opened in March 2018 occupies a large land area. However, the stall vendor in the market is not diversified as other night markets. Only a few visitors come as foreign tourists. I think it may be because the location is too far from the city and transportation is not convenient. Due to it being near the countryside, the price here is cheaper than the night market in Bangkok! If you come to Bangkok many times, you are tired of the night market in Bangkok or you like to collect photos of retired aircraft, then come and visit the Runway 3119 Night Market! Business hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 17:00 to 00:00.

  • The Camp Vintage Flea Market

The camp is the newly opened night market in 2018. It is located in Chatuchak District, next to Chatuchak Market and JJ Green. Three well-known markets are gathering in this district. The Camp is a creative market with a more retro and hippie style. The market combines authentic Thai food, dining cars, fashion clothes, bags, fashion boutiques, and related stores of literary youth faction. Most of the selling products are second-hand goods. Visitors can appreciate the antique motorcycles and manual heavy machinery.

In front of the grass square, there is a small singing concert at night. You can buy a barbecue, Thai milk tea while listening to songs, blowing the breeze outdoors! Besides, The Camp is very different from the traditional night market. In here, the stall surrounding the square is more like a large open-air bar with many ancient and hippie-style bazaars around. Business hours are Monday to Sunday, 17:00 to 23:45.

  • Liduan Night Market

Compared with the Bangkok night market, Liduan night market is a more authentic and newer market. It is located next to Pradit Manutham Road. The upper half of the area is dominated by second-hand used goods and life groceries. The edge is equipped with open-air food stalls. The lower half is the food area and the daily necessities area with rain shelters. There is also a stall area in the centre with daily necessities and clothing accessories. Since its relatively remote location, it is far from the city and there is no transportation to connect nearby, so most visitors are the local Bangkok citizens. If you want to stay away from the tourist area and get to know Bangkok in a more grounded way, it is also a good choice to go shopping in Li Duan Night Market. Moreover, the selling products of stalls are different every week, the visitor will have a new experience in every visit. Business hours are Monday to Sunday, 16:00 to 02:00.

  • Khao San Road

Khao San Road is well-known as a backpacker ’s paradise in Bangkok. It has the most complete range of traditional Thai snacks and food, such as rice soup noodles, fried spring rolls, kebabs, mango rice, etc. There are also many coffee shops, bookstores, bars and spas on Khao San Road, allowing you to slowly explore the Thai style at night and enjoy authentic Thai massages at extremely flat prices. However, since the Thai authorities ordered Khao San Road to refrain from setting up roadside stalls during the day to rectify the cityscape of Khao San Road, a lot of tourists have been lost. Khao San Road at night is indeed more lively, and there are more street vendors. Most stalls are set up along the street and some of them also set up on the middle trail. So it is highly recommended to visit Khao San Street at night. Business hours are Tuesday to Sunday, from 16:00 to 00:00.

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