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What to pack for a winter weekend away in Bristol

So you’ve got a weekend away planned, accommodation in Bristol is booked and travel is sorted, all you need to do now is pack. Whether you’re popping to Bristol from elsewhere in the UK or travelling from further afield, it can be difficult to decide exactly what you are going to need on your little break away.

As over-packing is a regular occurrence for many people when travelling, it can be handy to have a little checklist so that you know what the essentials to pack are. Here are some items to add to your list!

Plug adaptors

If you are travelling from further away, an absolute essential item to pack will be a couple of plug adaptors. The UK uses a different type of plug socket to virtually everywhere else in Europe so if you want to be able to charge your electric items then plug adaptors are a must. Usually a couple will be plenty, but you should consider how many devices you have including phone, camera, hair appliances although you should bear in mind that the number of plug sockets you have is going to depend on your type of accommodation in Bristol. For example, a serviced apartment is likely to have more than a hotel room.


The UK is typically known for its damp and wet wintery days, this means that unless you plan on spending your whole weekend cooped up in your accommodation, you are going to want to pack an umbrella.  Although you are not guaranteed rain every day, it is best to have a small umbrella that can be easily stored in a backpack, just in case.

Comfortable shoes

Bristol has some amazing sites and attractions to see, including a number of walking street art tours. Even if you are planning to use public transport to help you get around, you are likely to still be doing a significant amount of steps each day. The last thing you want is to have to cut a day of sightseeing short to go back to your Bristol accommodation, or in search of a shop selling blister plasters.

Refillable water bottle

Leading on from the previous point, when walking around the city centre all day you’re going to want to stay hydrated. Although there are many shops that you could buy a bottle of water from, as we are all trying to be a bit more environmentally conscious, your best bet is to bring a nice big refillable bottle with you. Back in 2015, there was a successful city-wide launch of ‘Refill Bristol’ movement in which there are now over 400 refill points across Bristol making it the largest ‘refill’ city outside of London.

Booking a weekend away is a really exciting activity to look forward to. If you have never stayed in Bristol accommodation before it can be daunting to know what you will need. This list identifies some of the essentials that could get easily overlooked. Compiling a list before you begin packing can really help your organisation skills and help to prevent you from over packing or missing something important.

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