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Where to Dine in Style in Zurich

Zurich’s hotel and restaurant scene is extremely vibrant, eclectic, and competitive. It’s one of the best in Europe. The city is full of classy eateries with remarkable aesthetics, delicious cuisines, and professional service. Clients are always spoilt for choice.

In this article, we’ll look at 7 culinary hotspots to enjoy a hearty meal and luxurious atmosphere—solo, as a couple, or with your family. Check them out below.

Top 7 Stylish Restaurants in Zurich

  1. Restaurant Pavillon

Restaurant Pavillon has been around for more than a century. Therefore, their culinary services are significantly better and more refined than other restaurants. They deliver tasty cuisines effortlessly, much to the delight of diners. Their menu is a cocktail of exquisite dishes prepared using local and international ingredients by the best chefs in the world. 

The chefs take their time in the preparation and also put the effort into the presentation to produce visually appealing meals that delight the taste buds. The restaurant’s professional and friendly staff are on standby to help you with anything you need. They’re very knowledgeable. So, you can trust their food and wine recommendations.

In addition to the mouth-watering meals at restaurant Pavillon, their elegant interior decor, relaxing atmosphere, and amazing views of lake Zurich make the dining experience memorable. 

  1. Alpenrose

To get the real Swiss experience in Zurich, you should dine at Alpenrose. It’s a lovely restaurant that features a fully local theme. First, all its cuisines are cooked using local ingredients. Secondly, their extensive wine list is entirely Swiss. The menu even features the exact location where they source their food and wine.

Also, the interior decor and overall style are reflections of Swiss culture. You’ll enjoy the tasty local dishes and also experience the evolution of stylish Swiss dining traditions. You can learn even more by talking to the friendly and attentive staff. 

  1. Restaurant La Soupiere

The first thing you’ll notice and love about this restaurant is its cutting-edge interior design. They’ve done an excellent job of ensuring the place is appealing, airy, and cosy so diners can feel comfortable immediately after they walk through the door.

Secondly, the restaurant features a team of professional staff ready to provide quality service efficiently, from the waitstaff to the chef. They’ll address all your concerns and ensure you enjoy every moment of your stay.

Thirdly, the rich menu contains a blend of European, Swiss, and French cuisines. They’re perfectly cooked and well-presented. Every bite is a delight to the taste buds. They also have vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. Not forgetting their extensive wine list that caters to the varying tastes and preferences of diners.

  1. Widder

Perched on the shores of lake Zurich, Widder is an elegant restaurant with panoramic views and delicious cuisines. These two make for a perfect combination when dining on the beautiful terrace. Even better if you can catch the warm rays of a setting sun. 

The menu draws heavily from Mediterranean cuisine. However, there’s a good representation of several international dishes, including vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. It’s mainly based on tastes to ensure you enjoy a personalised experience. 

Their bar features a broad range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. So, be sure to request your favourite after finishing the meal. Better still, you can ask the bar staff to wow you with their classic cocktail(s). Wine lovers will be thrilled to discover the extensive wine list that features the restaurant’s custom wines from their farm and vineyard in Ascona. 

The seats are cosy, the atmosphere calm, and the service respectful and friendly. What’s not to love about this restaurant? Drop by to find out.

  1. Bianchi

For a taste of fresh and perfectly-cooked seafood in Zurich, go to Bianchi. The place offers a good blend of simplicity and elegance. For one, its chic setup and decor are unique and practical. Then, add the tranquil atmosphere of the surrounding River Limmat, and you have the ideal arrangement for a memorable dining experience.

The hospitality and professionalism of their staff are enviable. They know how to make diners feel special. Also, they have a rich knowledge of the cuisines and the ideal wine pairing. So, feel free to ask them anything about your meal.

  1. Maison Manesse

If you want to enjoy an amazing food adventure in a relaxed setting in Zurich, go to the Maison Manesse. This restaurant is the epitome of culinary excellence. Their chefs are very skilled in combining different ingredients to produce sumptuous dishes. They play around with food textures and other culinary elements to achieve the perfect taste.

Every meal on the menu is professionally prepared and presented artistically. Also, the wine pairings are well thought out and usually end up as the highlight of the evening. The staff are friendly and attentive. They go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your dining experience. 

  1. Restaurant Burgli

A relaxing atmosphere, wonderful hospitality, amazing food, and great wine are what you get when you dine at the Burgli. The restaurant’s speciality, the Entrecote Cafe de Paris, is a favourite among many diners. And rightfully so, considering its delicious taste.

You can either dine inside or opt for the terrace, where you’ll enjoy distant views of lake Zurich.

The staff are very welcoming and try their best to meet your dining needs. They will explain their limited menu, recommend the best wine to accompany your meal, and answer all your inquiries and concerns.

Dining at the Burgli is a magical experience from start to finish. It leaves you fully satisfied and longing for your next visit.


These 7 restaurants are our top picks for the best places to dine in style in Zurich. That’s because they provide a wholesome and fulfilling dining experience. Their ambience, interior decor, surrounding views, service, and food are truly exceptional. Be sure to drop by any of them to discover the magic.

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