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Where To Stay During Glastonbury Festival 2023

Glastonbury Festival is the de facto biggest music festival held in the UK. It has been several years since the last Glastonbury festival with COVID restrictions being the main reason for the long wait for the next. If you are reading this in 2022, we’re already very close to Glastonbury Festival 2022, and getting accommodation is going to be near impossible, so best to apply the following advice for the next Glastonbury in 2023!

Tenting It Up

If you want the true festival experience, you’ve got to take your own dwelling with you and pitch a tent at the venue. Head down to Milletts or your local camping store to buy a tent, a sleeping bag, some oak or smokeless logs, and similar other camping equipment. If you are going this route, here is a small itinerary for you.

Your Ticket
Light Tent
Camping Stove
Bags of wine (cheapest and lightest booze to take)
winter/summer clothes (depending on weather)
sun cream
rain mac
toilet roll
baby wipes
Blow up Bed
Walkie Talkies
plastic cups
camping chairs

Acommodation Offsite

There are companies that offer a wide range of “posh” tents or yurts at Glastonbury, these are the peak of glastonbury festival glamping accommodation. Other companies also provide pre-erected “basic” tents in a special area, This comes in handy so that you won’t have to worry about taking your own tent. Most of this information should be on the Glastobury Festival website, so take a look there. Failing that you could do a google search for companies doing some of the Glamping style tents (or yurt) accomodation at UK music festivals.

Hotels or B&Bs

Getting a hotel or a B&B is going to be near impossible. Glastonbury Festival is actually held miles away from Glastonbury and the nearest village is actually Pilton which offers 0 hotels and perhaps a few B&Bs but good luck getting into one of them, they will be booked up before you even buy your ticket. I suppose there is no harm in checking out what is available, however I would think it is a waste of time.

Rental Cottages

Same situation here, rental cottages are a lovely way to get a good nights sleep in your own private livingspace, but there are not going to be any options available.
At this stage every rental cottage every hotel and B&B in the area will be fully booked. That was probably the case in October when tickets first went on sale.

Campervans and Caravans

Campervans are also an option when it comes to Glastonbury Festival, you have to buy a special ticket if you are going to be taking a campervan or caravan and once presented this will allow you to park in the special fields they have allocated for these vehicles.

As taken from the website – “Anyone planning to bring a campervan or caravan in 2022 will need to book their own campervan/caravan tickets and will need to present both their named campervan/caravan ticket and Festival ticket to be able to park in these fields.”

So there you have it, these are the options available, make sure if you are booking outside accommodation, to get in early and get your place booked as soon as you have a ticket!!

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