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Why Islands are a Top Holiday Destination

Technically speaking, the likes of the United Kingdom is a nation of islands as well and one which makes for a top travel destination among travellers from different parts of the world, but let’s face it – if someone is browsing the web, looking for a long overdue annual escape destination, rainy London, Liverpool or Manchester don’t readily come to mind, do they? Sure, those of us who live inland might like to go down to the coast, but it’s not quite the same as escaping to a tropical island destination such as Seychelles, Mauritius, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Barbados, etc, is it? I recently met someone who had stayed in some Waterfront villas with his friends in Seychelles. He had a great time and came back feeling so relaxed, but why?

So the question is, why are these typically tropical island destinations, featuring white sandy beaches that are lined with palm trees, such popular holiday destinations? And why are we constantly checking websites like to pine after these luxury vacations? I asked some of our readers to write in and what they had to say pretty much just mirrored my own experiences of the various types of destinations to escape to, with every indication pointing in the direction of the tropical islands as the very best of them all…

The feeling of remoteness

Look, it really doesn’t matter how easy it is to get to a specific tropical island destination, which it really is these days. The fact which remains is that once you arrive on what looks like one of those dreamy travel postcards, you cannot help but feel like you’ve made a really long and difficult journey. This is true even if it was perhaps just a short flight away, like how you can get to the Cayman Islands from Heathrow as easily as you can fly to pretty much any other “regular” destination.

It’s this inherent feeling of remoteness that contributes to the general consensus of islands making for a top choice in holiday destinations. If you like solitude and remoteness, you would have to factor that in before you make bookings in a Luxury resort in Costa Rica, Bahamas, Jamaica, or any other such destination. The choice of residence would rest on you, so you would have to put in a bit of effort in research to find the best one for yourself.

The feeling of remoteness can definitely be heightened, but only if the remote island you’re escaping to is indeed remote enough for it to be quite the journey to get to. We’re talking here the likes of Virgin Gorda, which is part of the British Virgin Islands, etc.

A popular destination to visit in Greece is Corfu. There are lots of things to do such as scenic walks, and picturesque beaches to relax on, or you can even check out boat rental in corfu for a special day out at sea!

The scenery and ambience

Even those of us who travel as frequently as we can have some downtime during which we have to go back home or stay in one location for a prolonged period of time, whether it’s for work purposes or to attend to family issues. At that time even a travel blogger such as myself reads other bloggers’ content and watches some YouTube videos as well.

A particularly favorite flavor of videos I like to “watch” is that of relaxing tunes from islands, usually in the form of steel drums that are synonymous with the Caribbean and which have spread to other similar tropical island destinations. The point is when they select a still image to make the slide show, it inevitably resembles the tropical island setting we’re going on and on about.

What this says is simply that things probably cannot get much better than the typical tropical island setting by way of a relaxing atmosphere and ambience, which is why this is a top holiday destination.

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