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Well, the blog isn’t named Confused Matthew for nothing – I make absolutely no claims of knowing everything there is to know about the main theme covered, which is that of travel! I do indeed have an extensive repository of information and experiences to share, which grows by the day as I make my way closer and closer to covering as much of the earth as I can, but one man with a limited travel budget could never know everything there is to know about the vast travel and tourism industry.

Hey, even Google doesn’t know everything, but the only thing I’m really confused about is indeed the distinct lack of interest in travelling some people seem to have. Perhaps in writing to us you could provide some clarity around that, but then again you probably wouldn’t be reading this far into a travel blog if you weren’t interested in travelling yourself…

In any case, this is OUR platform. I may be the editor and the editor in chief of the blog, but by no means is all the content I share made up entirely of my own creative works or experiences. Many of the ideas are sparked by contributors who add value in different ways, some of whom simply spark the further discussion of a specific topic they suggest directly or merely give rise to an idea while thinking about or discussing something seemingly unrelated to the world of travel.

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    How you can contribute

    We feed off of the feedback you write in with, because that’s what makes Confused Matthew Not-So-Confused-Matthew… or Even-More-Confused-Matthew… We love it, either way, because that’s what travelling is all about in a sense – trying to solve a mystery that will never be solved, which is in part epitomised by all those travellers who wander without direction, but are in no way lost.

    So if for example I write about an experience of what I deemed to be a rude restaurant owner in Thailand, because when I walked in she asked me “What do you want?” this platform becomes what it is when a bilingual local perhaps writes in and explains that it’s nothing but a lost-in-translation thing!  So yes, you can write in about anything and everything, whether you have a suggestion for a topic to be covered, you have some comments in reaction to some posted content, or you just want to say hello…

    What about guest posting and sponsored posts?

    Look, in order for any serious blogger to be able to sustain their travels and in so doing keep bringing it with the valuable content readers can use, a little bit of help will always be appreciated. How can you help through your contributions?

    Well, we do indeed accept sponsored posts, but it’s not a matter of just publishing anything and everything that is sponsored. All the content needs to be relevant to our readership and needs to add value. So write in to inquire about publishing your sponsored posts and we also accept guest posts from established fellow bloggers and writers or publishers. Get in touch as well.

    If you want an indication of the kinds of topics we’re looking for, here’s a sample list:

    • travel writing
    • hotel and accommodation advice
    • backpacking advice
    • tips on budget travel
    • personal experiences
    • travel insurance
    • best places to visit
    • travel guides
    • must-see attractions
    • night life
    • travel reviews
    • what to pack
    • personal diary accounts

    How to get in touch

    As the true plan-making traverser we hope you will grow to be, if you’re not already, you can make a plan to get in touch with us in any which way you find appropriate. For example, if you have a comment about a specific post then the most logical channel through which to contribute would be the comments section below the post, but you might not particularly want to make it public, in which case you can write in via any of the other channels available.

    So whichever way you find most convenient to get in touch is cool, be it via social media, email, the contact form, etc… We’ll be happy to hear from you.

    The editorial process

    For the longer pieces of content like sponsored and guest posts, there’s a dynamic editorial process which will be shared with those who are serious about publishing guest posts and sponsoring some content. So please write to inquire first before actually sending in any completed works.

    With regards to all other correspondence, as much as I definitely read each and every last word, I may not be able to respond to absolutely everything, so don’t let that discourage you from writing in again and again and again!