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3 Ways Serviced Apartments Beat Hotels Hands Down

Hotels have been a staple in the lives of travelers for what seems like forever, but they’re not perfect.

They’re cramped, usually don’t have a lot of functionality, and they typically serve as a simple place to sleep before heading out to see local attractions. They also don’t accept long-term stays unless the tourist season permits it.

Luckily, there’s a new option available, and it beats hotels at every turn: Serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments function like hotels. You get a place to stay temporarily, you pay a fee based on how long you want to stay, and the service includes things such as daily maid services, security, etc.

However, you get a full apartment to live in, and there are a few other perks, too.

Let’s dive into 3 ways serviced apartments beat hotels.

Fully-Furnished Living Areas

When you get to a hotel, you usually have one big room with beds, a TV, a small kitchenette with a microwave, a tiny bathroom, and maybe a stiff chair. They’re cramped, to say the least, and they don’t have the same level of functionality as a fully-furnished abode.

Serviced apartments aren’t like that. You get a full kitchen, living area, private bedrooms, and full bathrooms. Most importantly, they tend to be fully furnished with living loom essentials like couches, beds for bedroom, and high-quality office furniture (probably sourced from office monster or similar office supplies merchants) and other appliances. If you are fortunate enough, you might get your hands on smart cast TVs that can be operated by technologically improved voice-enabled remotes. The best part is that these remotes seem to have a multitude of buttons that can improve the process of navigating through the screen, which you can learn about on a related site. That said, by providing these electronic appliances and furniture, the serviced apartments ensure that you and your kids do not fight over these basic necessities (as you might have done in a hotel room). It also allows you to save money by cooking at “home”, rest easier in your private rooms, and enjoy a spacious living area for late-night movies or eating take-out together while you relax.

Long-Term Stays

Let’s say you’re a businessman who has to travel from the US to Britain to oversee a new business expansion for one year. You have a home and family you love in the US, and you have no intention of relocating. In short, you just want the comfort of home without having to lease an apartment or buy new furniture.

With serviced apartments, you don’t have to do all that. You can book your serviced apartment just like you would a hotel, and everything is furnished provide you with the comfort of home. Some apartment owners will even adjust their rates for such a long stay.

It’s difficult to stay in the same hotel room for an extended period, and many long-term travelers know what it’s like to have to switch hotel rooms or hotels in general due to their limited flexibility.

If you have a long-term stay in mind, consider a serviced apartment.

Maid and Security Services

Serviced apartments are “serviced”. This means that you don’t have to worry about much cleaning, and you’re kept safe, thanks to various protective security services.

This greatly reduces the amount of stress you have to feel while traveling abroad, and it’s often far more reliable than standard hotel services thanks to the more luxurious and upscale standards of serviced apartments.

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